Tuesday, 13 January 2009

seeds of change

Whilst I wait for the garden to be less frosty/wet/etc, apart from being completely frustrated and slobbering against the window, I am sorting out what my seeds and organising this years veg patch.
Its not a huge patch, aprox. 6ft x 30ft. I extend it every year however, as I get to grips with how different vegetables grow and how much room they need. With vegetable growing you need to rotate the crops to different areas each year. This is to prevent disease or pests building up in the soil.

I built a new bed last October so I have more ground for the crop rotation. Its a bit like juggling, trying to work out what I can squeeze in where and when crops have been harvested what I can plant next.
Vegetables I am growing for the first time are : swede, parsnips, winter squashes and gerkins.

Back to the drooling at the window!


Simone said...

I am looking forward to seeing how your garden and growing veggies progresses this year. I used to have an allotment many years ago and I miss the thrill of seeing what had grown and what I was going to eat with my sunday roast!

lou said...

I must have a good look at my vegetable garden and decide what I am going too grow.
I’m looking forward too seeing yours!

Love Lou xxx

this is my patch said...

Good luck with the vegetable growing this year, I grow parsnips when I can. I don't think I shall be growing vegetables this year, as the time I have, I shall be devoting to getting the garden in order, before nature completely takes hold! x

Half an Acre said...

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