Tuesday, 26 May 2009

more thyme please

Whilst enjoying the lovely weather I noticed how my thyme was attracting butterflies and bees.
So guess whats on my shopping list. Its only the second year of ownership and I just love it.

Ive been away (see summerfete), this is what I came back too!

I'm sure you will agree that with all this lovely sunshine, gardens are really thriving this year, be it lupins, foxgloves, geraniums etc..

For the first time I have made two wigwams for my sweet peas and one for some morning glory.

More aquilegias

Clematis~ ville de lyon

The veg patch is romping away too.

Lots of leafy things so far, and a few slugs!!
We ate some pakchoi last night, which was good.

And finally look what I picked this morning!!
Its sat on my window ledge and smells so sweet, I am now going to eat it!

ps. it was sweeet!!!!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

goodbye mr robin

It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you of the sad loss of my beloved pal mr robin.
It was a brief but meaningful friendship.
It is generally this time of year when there are chicks abound, that one inevitably gets the chop from a magpie or sparrow hawk. So I understand this is life, theres just something so desperately sad about finding the red feathers of a robin on that little lifeless body
I dont mind saying that I balled my eyes out whilst burying him in the flower bed.
rest in peace my sweet friend.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

back to earth

A lot has happen in a month since my last post. The wisteria is really looking quite wonderful this year. Photographs never seem to do my garden justice, I'm not bragging, I just mean you lose the general ambiance and fine detail.

I'm very pleased we made the effort with the new bed, its really bought the garden closer and I like how the plants in the foreground merge with those that are further away.

There are lots of white and bluebells, but also this delicate pink one. I don't know if its still classed as a bluebell, but I hope it spreads.

I sowed a variety of aquilegia called Nora Barlow last year, so have been patiently waiting for the first flowers to appear. Alas they are not right at all. They should be a double white/pink number, but this is what I got.

Pretty I know, but not what I was expecting!!

The veg plot is beginning to romp away. These are mangetout and peas.

All the potatoes have pushed through, I have started earthing them up, which makes the plant produce more roots/potatoes. The plants to the left are rhubarb, which I've had one crumble from already. And behind are the raspberries.

The strawberries are crazy this year and behind them is the garlic also growing well.

We also ate the first radish last night. Veg plants I have on the go are squash, courgette, gherkins, aubergines, swede, parsnips, leeks, sweetcorn, tomatoes, pak choi and recently bought dwarf green beans.

I must leave you with something pretty, so here is the best of my garden right now. The alliums are just flowering. I must plant more next year!!

The pale blue flower is veronica and has spread quite well, which is great.

Lastly I shall leave you with a quiz.
What am I?