Monday, 16 February 2009

Oh happy day!!

I don't care if its still only February, if the sun is out then so am I.

There's lots to do!

One job that needed doing was to move a tree that had been crowded out by too many shrubs, not my doing. The above picture shows you what I mean. Its a White Beam which grow quite big so it had to be moved before it became impossible. As it was the roots had hardly grown at all so hopefully with more space and some tlc it will survive.

The digging and repositioning was pretty painless, however I think I have hurt my back, I shall know it tomorrow! The tree has been moved from the middle right of the garden to the top right in front of the gravel garden. There are two reasons for choosing this position, the first is to screen out the neighbours house and the second will eventually be to hang a hammock from.

I had company as usual when digging in the garden. My newly acquainted friend mr robin and a veteran BB blackbird.

We bought our seed potatoes at the weekend.
Twelve is all we have room for, which keeps us fed for 3 or 4 months, so not bad and definitely worth the bother. This year I'm sticking with Cara and Desiree, both of which we have had success with. They are both maincrop, which means they will be planted later and harvested around August time. So for now the potatoes will be left to 'chit', which means allowed to grow shoots (like you might find if you have an old potato left over). This is supposed to help produce more spuds or give them a head start, though I'm not sure its necessary.

Yay for the sun and a nice warm bath and country living....


Simone said...

I am happily aching after spending 2 hours cutting back shrubs and 1 hour and 45 minutes packing it into recycling bags for the collection tomorrow. My back aches but I am so happy at being able to do something in the garden. I may even have to get some spuds to 'chit'! I am looking forward to seeing how your garden progresses throughout the year.

Thecraftytrundler said...

Now the snow has melted, I noticed snowdrops, and a winter aconite out in the garden yesterday!!!! Oh happy day!!!
If i have any gardening questions, do you mind if I ask you? Everything's not covered in books is it?
Talking of books, I love the Geoff Hamilton books, and have a few of them.

Happy Gardening : )

Sharon xx

this is my patch said...

We spent some time outside on Sunday as it was perfect weather for gardening. We managed a lot of cutting back and a trip to the tip. I notice some of my crocus are up, just like your lovely yellow ones are. It really did feel like Spring was on the way, I felt so happy at the prospect of warmer and longer days, and lots more daylight hours for gardening. x