Friday, 20 February 2009

the big dig!

My third day in the garden proved quite productive so instead of the usual bewilderment of where to start I feel on top of things! This will be my fourth year in this garden so I'm beginning to feel like its mine.

My first job was to make a path down the side of the veg patch, it used to be a grass edge but I hated how untidy it was getting. As per usual I bodged it a bit, but I'm just a girl so its not bad.
I recycled more of the old fence wood, I do wonder if anyone watches me trifling with the dangerous weapons ie' a saw'. I do still have all my fingers!

I made the path out of bark chippings on top of weed suppressing material. Lets see how long it lasts. So I've dug most of the veg patch over, probably the first of many. Its good to get turning the earth as it encourages the birds to eat up the pests (as if they need encouragement!)

Don't you love fresh new shoots. The top pic is the new leaves of aquilegia 'Nora Barlow' which I grew from seed last spring, hopefully there will be flowers this spring. The one above is a tip of a camassia which I planted in the Autumn.

These curious pink things are the beginnings of rhubarb.

I definitely feel I've been to the green gym this week!
But how blissful to be back in the garden!


Simone said...

I have just spent 3 hours in the garden clearing a rockery to put in a nature pond. I can barely move!!! I have only just scratched the surface but it feels good to be outside doing something doesn't it?

this is my patch said...

It is great to be back out in the garden. I was this afternoon, if only to take photos! I have been marvelling at the shoots appearing. I plan to get outside to do some real work tomorrow. Your rhubarb is going to be lovely, I always manage to kill mine off! Thanks for your great comment on my 'stump' post. It really made me laugh! x

Country Bliss said...

I bet your back's aching after that! It's lovely to see all the shoots coming up now,I noticed my rhubarb peeping through the soil last week.
Yvonne x

sue15cat said...

Looking very good. It's nice to get everything underway isn't it. Love the wellies!!

Sue xx