Tuesday, 26 May 2009

more thyme please

Whilst enjoying the lovely weather I noticed how my thyme was attracting butterflies and bees.
So guess whats on my shopping list. Its only the second year of ownership and I just love it.

Ive been away (see summerfete), this is what I came back too!

I'm sure you will agree that with all this lovely sunshine, gardens are really thriving this year, be it lupins, foxgloves, geraniums etc..

For the first time I have made two wigwams for my sweet peas and one for some morning glory.

More aquilegias

Clematis~ ville de lyon

The veg patch is romping away too.

Lots of leafy things so far, and a few slugs!!
We ate some pakchoi last night, which was good.

And finally look what I picked this morning!!
Its sat on my window ledge and smells so sweet, I am now going to eat it!

ps. it was sweeet!!!!


Rubys mamma x said...

OOhh lovely garden shots! I love your garden its just lovely, that clematis is quite stunning-i was just saying to my mum over the weekend that im not a fan of clematis but youve changed my mind with that one!
Ive just spent all day yesterday digging out a HUGE border at the base of my privit hedge outside our bedroom window, its a particularly shady spot so appart from lots of hostas im ot sure what to plant there,any ideas?....
Oh and i love the idea of a veg patch 'romping' away! lol xxx

Rubys mamma x said...

OOh i forgot, i love thyme too! And have you got hold of any chocolate mint? Its fab with strawberries and cream....smells just like after eights! x

Simone said...

Your garden is coming on a treat. I really would like to have a gooseberry bush as I am a fan of goosberry crumble!x

Country Bliss said...

Garden's looking great, love the foxgloves and Aquilegias.
Yvonne x