Monday, 30 March 2009

best buds

Well I'm still pottering even if the weather people don't always get it right. Last week I noticed green leaves on the wisteria, time to prune. This isn't the best time to prune a wisteria as the flower buds have already formed on last years growth. So I was careful not to cut too many budding stems off. Believe me it may look harmless now, you wait until summer and you will see how rampant it becomes.

Still plenty of buds though!

Seems like most of the garden is in bud too. Blossom already forming on the apple tree.

First ever flower buds on the climbing hydrangea.

The exquisite fragrant of the osmanthus feels the air right where I've been weeding. Its quite a heady perfume a bit like ylang ylang.

I've been weeding a virgin bit of soil for me, as I had to dig up a huge lavender which had seen better days, it was a beautiful specimen, but now I have a new bit of garden to plant! Joy!

However the surrounding ground is really awful heavy clay and full of weeds and grass so i think I've made a whole bunch of work for myself!

Lastly some thrifty spending. I'm not supposed to be spending money at the moment so its nice to be able to spend a few pounds on something that I know that is value for money. This is stachys byzantina.
How cool is this canister of string? Its a blatant copy of worcester ware, but for 1.99 inc string, I couldn't pass it up!!


sue15cat said...

What gorgeous photos. A lovely post.

Sue xx

Simone said...

I like the green of the euphorbia. I also like the tin of string!

Lisa said...

I love hydrangeas, am looking forward to seeing your photos of that one when it blossoms later on.
You have been very busy!

Diane said...

You have a beautiful garden. Mine is the size of a postage stamp!! I adore Wisteria. Its one of my all time garden favorites. xxx