Monday, 16 March 2009

busy busy busy

Pulmonaria a shade lover.
Time is flying by so fast this year,
fortunately with this drop of good weather I'm on top of most of my plans!!
I'm not sure how?

Well its done. The new bit by the patio with help from the old man.
And yes I have managed to nearly fill that space with plants already.

There is an agapanthus in the shubbery if you look closer.
Now that the shrubs have grown its just crowded out.
So I have dug it up and squeezed it into an old bucket I picked up at a local house clearance.
Not before I got the old man again to drill some holes for drainage.

I have also been lifting and dividing for the first time this year.
However my way is lift and splice with a spade, none of your two fork jobby,
anyway I dont have two forks!
Today I have sown outside peas, mangetout, spring onions, radish, pakchoi, parsnips, carrots and leeks!!!

A beautiful hellebore.


Simone said...

The hellebore is lovely. I think I should like to grow some. You have been so busy. I haven't sown anything yet!

lou said...

You have been a busy girl, every part of my body hurts I think I might have over done it; I have been working in my garden all-day.
Your garden is looking good!
Love Lou xxx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your garden is looking lovely - I'm very impressed with your round lawn! Lucy x

noelle said...

its all looking lovely, i have planted carrots,basil, courgettes,peppers, ooh i can't remember what else and i want to grow brocolli this year hopefully! x noelle x

louise said...

I am rather envious of my friend's hellebore which is just the colour of yours. I do have pulmonaria in the garden, it is such a great blue. I use a bread knife for dividing! I have managed some time out in the garden recently, like you I could quite happily spend all my time outside. You are ahead of me on the seeds malarkey, I haven't sown one yet! x